COGOP 70th Platinum Jubilee

Commemorative Crystals

70 years of commitment to faith in practice.

Procession Plumes are proud to produce this commemorative crystal in celebration of this milestone.

Made from high grade crystal they are a unique way to celebrate, a time, a special moment or a loved one. Buy them as a gift or a treat for yourself…and yes, they will look great on the mantle piece in the ‘Front Room!’

What is a memory?

One definition is, “Something remembered from the past” Memories are a connection to the past, be it something or someone. It often anchors a feeling, even an emotion in that given moment.

Procession Plumes Crystals, are a unique and special way to preserve your memory. You can have any image of your choice laser engraved (in 2D or 3D) into a solid premium crystal that creates a timeless memory…your memory. So, what is a memory?

It’s whatever YOU choose it to be.

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