Funeral Etiquette

Leading Life’s Processions

If You’re a Fellow Motorist

The standard etiquette is to just accept and respect a funeral procession. Funeral hearses normally drive at around 20mph, so keep to a similar speed and divert from the route when you can. Beeping the horn and trying to overtake are not generally advised, although it is ok to overtake if you’re on a dual carriageway.

  1.  Give way to the hearse and funeral cars.
  2.  Don’t cut into a funeral procession.
  3.  Avoid listening to loud music.
  4.  Don’t beep your horn.
  5.  Only overtake a procession on a dual carriageway.

If You're A Pedestrian

Stopping what you are doing is usually welcomed and the good old fashioned doffing of the cap or removing your hat altogether still goes down well but is, apparently, most common among the older generation.

If you’re travelling in the opposite direction
There is no real issue but people often think there is. There is no expectation for people to stop or move across the road but revving the engine is frowned upon.
If you’re crossing the road
It is appreciated if people do not cross the road in front of a funeral cortège but standing by a zebra crossing can be confusing and hearse drivers will generally stop to be sure. It’s best to make it plain you are allowing the cortège to proceed by standing back.

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