Green Refresh

Eco friendly, green or kind to the environment. Whatever terminology we hear on a day to day basis, one thing is certain, we all have a responsibility to do our bit to take better care of the planet.

The funeral industry continues to try and find ways in which to be ‘green’ or ‘eco’.

Honestly, for Procession Plumes, and any other business for that matter, finding the time to address environmental issues can be yet another thing to have to do in an already busy operation. which might lead to the agenda falling down the list of priorities. We decided that, for us, being busy is no excuse. So, here we are making a noise about it because after all is said and done, it IS important.

With this in mind we took time to take a closer look at our organisation to see what we could do beyond having a recycling bin.


Procession Plumes are committed to doing what we can to reduce our carbon footprint, reduce waste and choose sustainable options wherever possible. we decided on the following approaches: 

  • Continued assurance that The Plumes are genuine ostrich feathers sourced from a sustainable and ethical farm. 
  • The vases, bayonet caps and suction cups are all made from recyclable materials.
  • Launch our ‘Green Refresh’ initiative

The Green Refresh Initiative will effectively buy back (by way of a discount for a replacement set) any existing customers Plumes that, as a result of repeated use no longer look their bestThe returned items will then be sent to recycling.

It’s a small start, however, going forward it’s an ethos and practice we will look to build on.


“We’ve had the Plumes over four years. We use them pretty much all the time as they are a popular choice with our families.

Whilst our existing plumes are still functional, they have, like many things do over time, started to look a little worse for wear. 

We were delighted to hear about Procession Plumes green refresh offer, as it means we get the latest version of the plumes and

do our bit for the environment. We are looking forward to using our ‘refresh’ Plumes for another 4 years.”

Paul Mclean

Integrity Funeral Care

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