54% of people surveyed said they wanted their funeral to be a “celebration of life” (ICM)

The way funerals are conducted continue to evolve as Funeral Directors find ways to offer a unique and personal service to the families they serve, as no two families are the same. With a definite shift away from “mourning” a loved one and towards the “celebration of life”. The ability to personalise a funeral is a great way to offer give additional value and choice to your families

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Procession Plume Crystals are stunning 2D and 3D premium crystals that are laser engraved with your most precious memories in the form of photos, text or logos in our premium k9 crystals.

Specialised 3d glass engraving techniques are used to convey your message in an image embedded in a crystal glass. A lot of care and detail go into each producing each crystal to ensure the highest level quality and a stunning result.

Our 3D Photo Crystals and photo gifts are suitable as: Memorial Crystals, Wedding Crystals, Corporate Awards and Personal Gifts, the choice is yours.

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