P Mclean – Integrity Funeral Care Services

Providing our families with a dignified and respectful opportunity to say farewell to their loved-ones has

always been at the core of what we do. Having each vehicle decorated with a plume merely enhances and

underscores our aim and has become a welcomed addition to the look and feel of our service.

We have used plumes on many occasions and have never received a criticism or a complaint. In fact, we

have had nothing but compliments and have received funeral enquiries based on the use of plumes.

Not only do we now stock the standard black plumes, but we often hire specific colour themed plumes to

further recognise the favourite colour, football team or national flag of the deceased. Equally, the plumes

have come into their own when keeping a cortege together as they instantly provide other road users

with a uniformed visual point of reference to all the vehicles following the hearse.

Working with Processional Plumes has been exemplary, and they have always pulled out all of the stops

to get a last-minute hire order of coloured plumes to us on time and would highly recommend them and

their product to any funeral director who wants to ensure that their vehicles stand out and provide

families with a sense of pride

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