The Adlam Family

The Plumes were recommended to us by a family friend. We contacted the company and all though we didn’t give them much notice, Robin and his team pulled out all the stops to not only get the colour we wanted (Pink) but liased directly with the Funeral Directors on our behalf to ensure we had them on time. The Plumes looked amazing  in the bright sunshines. They looked very regal, almost diplomatic in their look on all the cars. It didn’t take long before we noticed the benefits of having these on all the cars that were part of the funeral procession. We were approaching a roundabout and a van that was halfway around the roundabout stopped and allowed all the cars with Plumes on to safely cross the roundabout together. Robins interaction with the family was courteous, respectful and discrete. All the family were extremely pleased with the service that Procession Plumes provided us on this sad day.

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